30/10/07  Inter Melager  3-1
Scored etc
Barry Hughes
Chris Howarth
Chris Mills
Clive Freed
Gary Neild
Jamie Jackman
Steve Pugh

Match Report
Another win, another 3 points!
Inter Melarger are a good footballing side with individual skill. They looked like they came into the game expecting to win but we played a solid game from the start. Gary and Steve P snuffed out their attacks before they got near the goal, Chris H and Chris M battled in midfield and Jamie was always a threat at the front. Early on a throughball to Jamie saw him finish with aplomb. We all worked hard and stopped their threat early. They were quite physical and when it became obvious that Jamie’s speed was a threat they used their strength to block him out, sometimes unfairly and Jamie got little protection from the ref. A great free kick from Gary’s cultured left foot struck the corner of post and bar late in the half. Neither side had clear opportunities although long shot from both sides kept the keepers on their toes.
Clive came of for Chris M in the second half and we carried on where we left off. A throughball by Chris H left Jamie 1 on 1 with the keeper which was slotted in early to give us breathing room. We then enjoyed a period of pressure when we could have increased the lead with a series of half chances. They pulled one back around the mid point of the second half with a well taken goal by their lively striker and we had to keep focussed to make sure they didn’t draw level. Clive then made a defence-splitting pass inside the left back which left Jamie a lot to do, but he still managed to squeeze the ball past the keeper from a tight angle. Their team became frustrated at the fact that they could make no headway and started arguing with us, with the ref and between themselves. They also kicked out a number of times, including a waist-high, studs-up kick at Chris H well after the ball had gone.
In all, a very solid performance in which we never looked like dropping points.


User Comments
Top stuff Bungle. Well done Sarum, good performance. Whilst it's disappointing when teams don't shake hands it somehow gives one a perverse pleasure don't you think !
It should not go without a mention the agressiveness shown by our own Roy Keane, obviously angered by the waist high tackle. Funniest thing I have seen for years!