04/08/09  Cheetahs  1-2
Scored etc
Alex Caples
Chris Mills
Clive Freed
Sam Knight
Steve Nicholson
Steve Stopler

Match Report

We set up with Clive in goal, Chris and Steve at the back, Alex and Sam in midfield and Stops up front.  Utterly dominated the first half and created lots of chances without really testing their keeper (who looked suspect).  They had one attack in the entire half, an intercepted back pass, they scored to lead 1 – 0 at half time.  We were almost as dominant second half but again struggled to hit the target.  With a few minutes to go they broke to score a second.  We pulled one back in the last minute but it finished 2-1.

The second goal was because we were pushing for the equaliser – but there was only a few minutes left.  Other than that it is hard to know what we could have done different – we simply missed the target with too many efforts.

On the positive side we played some very neat football and kept possession well

User Comments

We need to start putting these chances away boys.

We retained the ball really well, throughout the 1st half we played some great football, closed them down quickly and showed good desire to attack...we just lacked creativity in the final 3rd. it alsmost got to a stand still.

An important point to work on is to test the goal keeper. forget the spectacular top cornered shot. Hit the target and make the keeper move.

We were definatley unfortunate to lose, but you can't keep walking off the pitch saying that week in and out.

A bit more work, and it'll come.